iOS 8.2 Beta 1 Release

Apple released its development Kit for Apple Watch today. It’s a great news for new set of apps to explode the market. Apple also released Xcode 6.2 beta today so that developers can start designing interfaces. The release notes looks like the following:

Tools support for WatchKit includes:

  • Design tools for building Watch interfaces, glances, and notifications
  • Debugging and profiling support
  • Watch support in iOS Simulator for testing apps, glances, and notifications

This blog item will capture all those issues with iOS 8.2 Beta 1 as a comment for anyone looking for known issues before trying it on their device.

iOS 8.2 Beta 1 Release

Prepping for iOS 8

Apple released iOS 8 recently to its flagship phones. It’s a really neat looking version and it brings several new UI improvements and a whole lot features which include the following:

  • Home Kit
  • Health Kit
  • Apple Pay
  • Hands off
  • Cloud Kit

We are updating our apps to follow this wave of innovation with UI changes at this point.

Prepping for iOS 8